This winter we explore the desert where I was able to roam as a child at my grandparent’s home.

Jane and I are relaxing and deciding if we want to relocate to the area where so many of our midwest friends winter. I’ve begun entertaining down here on a last-minute notice and am picking up gigs where I can find ones I want to play at. After a lifetime of entertaining, I only want to play and sing where I feel I fit the best today. High-End Resorts and Restaurants are my kind of people for this American Songbook lover with an average age over 50.

Quail Creek is such. A nice community and golf course. I have dates there now every month as well as dates booked for next winter. Stay tuned for more as they come in.

There is a nice place down the street from us “Dominics” at the GV. C.C. where Jane and I dine each week. I hope to have a date with Ted the owner soon.

Another I’m looking at for longer term is Hacienda Del Sol. A spectacular old resort with a great restaurant and jazz scene.

There are two great places in the Scottsdale area also, but I’m awaiting dates from them before I post.

I’m also looking at all theatres to book the larger VintageBilly (Joel) tribute shows as well as the Tony Bennett&Diana Krall Tribute. I expect both would do very well with the over 55 population and it’s only a matter of time.

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