So glad you dropped by.

Lot’s of changes going on for all of us running around the blue marble.

My links are on this site that will give you access to all things free from Craig T. if you search around.

Honesty is here, so you will find comments and blogs about many things I O’pine about over the years.

I’m working on many projects — all the time. 
Still searching for the best property to open our music bistro in, Near Livingston MT.

Developing a Billy Joel Tribute show called “Vintage Billy”. Beginning Spring 2018 “solo”.

Developing an entertainment concept for a national chain of properties.  Updates in March.

Always looking for calls to lead and mentor worship departments cross many denominations.

Took a $12. and hour job with Home Depot’s Garden department in 2017 to find out what it feels like for people in these kinds of jobs.  I’ve never worked in or around this group of hard working poor people and can tell you,  I’ve been changed by the experience as a lifetime self employed business owner.  I’ve also seen more personal ministry with everyday people working my garden there, than in most my full time ministry jobs. Go figure.  I call it “The Church of the Orange Apron”. Who knows, a book may come of this.

The opening page of this site is blog form. It’s not my longform blogsite linked here, but it will list things not on other sites.

I’m searching for a good live booking platform calendar that is linkable and where you can get tickets ahead of time for events.  I’ll let you know when I get it.
If you don’t follow me on social media, you may want to do it on my main ones so I can reach out to you in the future without you having to come here first.

Spring is coming, enjoy these last cold flakes of ice before the sweat begins:)

Pursue your passions



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