So glad you dropped by.

Lot’s of changes going on for all of us running around the blue marble.

My links are on this site that will give you access to all things free from Craig T. if you search around.

Honesty is here, so you will find comments and blogs about many things I O’pine about over the years.

I’m working on many projects — all the time. 

The Billy Joel – VintageBilly.com tribute is up and running. Sold out shows with tears and laughter as i sit alone at the Grand piano playing through many of Billy’s catalog from the first 6 Recordings.
I’ve not performed this show yet with the band. Looking forward to that at some outdoor venues this summer. Videos and links at Vintagebilly.com or at facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/vintagebilly.

I did an American Songbook Italian Wedding show this last summer and there are video clips of a few standards at my FB artists page.  https://www.facebook.com/craigtuttleolson/

Currently, I’m charting out a new Tribute on the music of Tony Bennett and Diana Krall.  More to come on this exciting new show.  With a great quartet, this will be the first time in years I don’t play, but only sing and entertain. My partner for this show is Ms. Carol Z. . She is a great tenor who sounds like Diana:) Rehearsals are coming along Stay tuned.

Pursue your passions



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