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Craig T. with Meritage has just booked our third season of  “Sunsets at Sovereign”, in the vineyards of



Then There is VintageBilly
The Billy Joel – tribute is up and running. Sold out shows with tears and laughter as I sit alone at the Grand piano playing through many of Billy’s catalog from his first 6 Recordings.
With my new “BillyBandofBrothers” we rocked a show in Sept. and have one more for Oct. where we’ll be filming and recording for future marketing and release.  Videos and links at or on Facebook.



I did an American Songbook Italian Wedding show this last summer and there are video clips of a few standards at my FB artists page.

Currently, I’m charting out a new Tribute on the music of Tony Bennett and Diana Krall.  More to come on this exciting new show.  This will be the first time in years I don’t play, but only sing and entertain. My partner for this show is Ms. Carol Z. She is a great tenor who sounds like Diana “Big Time” 🙂 Rehearsals are coming along Stay tuned.

Also look for my “Tony Bennett & Bill Evans” night from that classic ’75  recording and another show of Tony and the Rat Pack!

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