I’ve decided in 2023 to begin developing a concert/club series.

When you re-invent yourself every five to ten years, you must vision cast and begin a new journey with purpose.

If you’ve listened to my variety of events over that last 4 decades you know I’ve performed Show, Folk, Contemporary Christian, Pop, Pop Rock, Country, Worship and Jazz.

in all of these decades I’ve searched my heart and found a common denominator.
Love Songs in Ballad form.
For all the years I did dance music in the six night a week gig era, it was never the dance hits that turned me on, it was always the great songwriters who wrote songs of finding, having and losing love.
So I’m going to embark on a long series of these writers and artists who’s Love songs have touched me, and that I love to play and sing.

In the early 70’s I played three and four hour sets of nothing but Folk songs. Great lyrics and stories built around our acoustic guitars. People paid and sat, and didn’t fall asleep. As I look back I believe it was because they loved that genre’.
If this is you, YOU are my tribe and I’m looking now for you. I don’t want to hear “Freebird, Mustang Sally or Proud Mary” yelled ever again. Now I love those songs but that’s not my heart beat and the

As I’ve moved to singing and Playing Jazz Standards the last few years, I’ve found that place again in another form. The great songs of the American Songbook.

So, I’m beginning this year to book this series. Solo and with a small group. I’ll be releasing them in three live shows Per Chapter; with at least four Chapters.

You Will be able to purchase tickets for individual, group or the entire series.
In no exclusive order they will include the LoveSongs and Ballads of:

Billy Joel, Elton John, Barry Manilow
Barry Gibb and Boz Scaggs
John Denver and Neil Diamond
Bread and the Eagles
Lennon/McCartney and the Britts
Sinatra ~ Bennett and the Crooners
Paul Simon ~ James Taylor and CSNY
My Favorite Broadway Love Songs
My Favorite Songwriters Love Songs.
Antonio Carlos Jobim and the latin love songs.
“Cry in your beer, or get your dog and truck back” Love songs.
Gill to Garth, Possum to Hank and Highwaymen
The Best of Craig T’s Original Catalog “From Folk to Country, Show too Gospel.