DriveTimeWorship was a one-hour live broadcast that ran on the web and on at Bob FM five days a week for a year.

“I drove in rush hour one morning at two mph. watching every car crawl by. My heart said gee, what If I could produce a one-hour live broadcast from my home studios with a band. Could I arrange, produce, play, mix, plan interviews, schedule people, plan devotionals and make it all happen from my keyboards and computers and mixers each day? My core guys: Todd Ernster, Tim Zorne and Billy Franze are my forever brothers for giving a few years of their lives to this. You made a difference to many people. All the others who drove to our home week after week to record and produce this for that year with the guys, thank you again.

Is it worth it for just one?

The morning I received an email from a woman in Texas who was driving into the desert to commit suicide. Somehow our broadcast from BobFM bounced onto her radio that morning. She pulled over off of the dirt roads sobbing and put down her gun and listened for an hour. Writing to me she said she had been a mother and wife. had lost her husband and family. She lost her job and was homeless in her car.

As the broadcast ended she prayed and asked Jesus to give her life and purpose again. She said one day soon she would be on her feet again helping others. With thanks for saving one life and hoping it would make a difference.

Well, there ya go. In a puddle of tears I read this and said: “ok, I give. I’ll stop judging life efforts in numbers and dollars.”

In the end, I hired a good agent to try to get syndication for the program. I found that unless I wanted to hire a team of fundraisers to partner with the radio stations to get four to five million dollars from the demo’ markets of each radio area, I couldn’t afford to pay the radio networks fees of millions of dollars a year for an hour time slot in the morning that was being paid by all the ministries that pay that every day to be on those prime slots in order to be able to use those airwaves to gain new ministry “partners”.

I said I would never dial for dollars in ministry. So, in my ignorance of not knowing what the real actual cost of being on Christian Radio or a secular slot was? Jane and I paid for and produced hundreds of broadcasts for a year. In the end, I was blessed to share that time with a group of extraordinary musicians with hearts of worship.

Humble thanks.


Here’s one broadcast from the past, for those wondering what these 200 plus hours were like.