He’s Back…

1997..  It was the last pop gig I had.  Our Jordan was born and I quit the road.

CTO Promo Photos

I developed a Web Company, then a Vineyard facilitation company, and then a wine and spirits import company with a partner . Then I wrote a few screenplays, Started a live one hour worship radio show that took three years to develop and ran one year.  Became a lic. minister and a worship pastor leading a different churches around the country in various denominations.  All the while spending  as much of my summers dreaming and traveling to Montana to fly fish as possible.

I did come back in 2013 for a year and did gigs solo and some with a duo I developed with a trumpet player to play corporate gigs. There are some songs recorded under that name Duo Amore’ out there.  That was followed with a heart issue and a triple bypass 🙂

Now in spring of 2018 I’m developing a few new musical offerings and i’ll be posting gigs here as soon as I decide when I want to start.  Stay tuned and thank you for checking in on me:) .  Jane and I are loving life and living large.


See you soon with good food and a good glass in one hand
and your lovers hand in the other 🙂

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