Well, for truth in reporting, I’m now saying I was infected with some variant of the Sars Cov.2 virus. It began I believe with a bacterial lung infection from mulching 100yr old Oak Leaves and then I’m guessing Cov. found my lungs and said “Party!”

It took 4 days for me to get tested positive, even though I tried two places the first day I felt something was wrong. I’ll tell you now, Xrays tell them nothing except “ya you have some inflammation going on and cracked ribs from coughing”.

I didn’t have a finger oxygen meter. Something I’ll never go without again.

I did qualify and get monoclonal treatment. That’s a long story and one that almost killed me within 24hrs. (seriously) I’m not against monoclonal, I just have a lot of unanswered questions no one will answer yet.

Then 6 days in hospital lock up on my stomach with only oxygen and steroids and some blood thinner. Ya, that’s the therapy… steroids and oxygen… And ventilator if that’s failing.

It was the CatScan and bloodwork that showed I had serious Covid Viral Pneumonia. Do not confuse this with bacterial pneumonia. This is the silent killer no one knows about and it’s almost got me.

MY TAKE AWAY? Don’t play with this. Do all the prophylactics and have all the vitamins and minerals suggested daily. if you can, IMHO, source out Hydroxycloriquine and Ivermectin for your first signs of re-infection. Don’t wait and let it rapidly incubate in your respiratory trac. You will regret it. I’d also go online onto the DuckDuck go Browser and look up everything I’ve said above. There are world famous doctors from Mayo, Inventors of the mRNA , Lifetime Virologists who all have been vaccinated but will give us all information about the dangers of this and the advantages of taking antiviral drugs to keep your system stronger until they actually figure out (if they do) how to really stop this, or like the cold or flu virus’s? They just will always be here, and if weaponized they will be deadly to eliminate. :/

Almost a month later now, I still have very little lung capacity. The Doctors say the healing can take a long time. I look forward to Arizona in a few weeks and a winter of good exercise and regaining what I lost and more!

I will be playing piano and entertaining in the Green Valley, Tucson, Pheonix area until April. Jane and I will be deciding if we want to buy a house after this season there renting on a golf course. If you know me, you know where to find me and let me know you’re in the area. We are also looking at house parties and community parties with all our Midwest snowbirds:) Bring it on! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

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