Gigging in a Brave New World

Well as fall rolls around and I begin looking at the end of my first year back playing music after 17 years away from my solo show, I think of what I’ve done and what I’d like to do.

ctogershwinThere have been the mixed “american song book” gigs on keyboards, with all the old 60’s to 90’s pop stuff.  The acoustic guitar gigs revisiting all the 60’s to 90’s folk music I’ve played over the years.  The original gigs doing just my own writings on keys and guitar, the pop gigs that end with two sets of thumping dance music. And now I’m developing some corporate gigs again and looking back at that clientel that I enjoyed so much in the past.

Here’s the rub friends… How do you book all these types of gigs except by clubs and owners having heard and seen what you do and say,  “your back?”  Yea, we know who you “were” and yea, we want dates doing “x” style that you can do… like you do.

2014-07-14 20.00.35

So how will YOU know what I’m doing.. when I’m doing it?  Well, check my ReverbNation site and see what that gig listing tells you about what I’m doing.  Also you can Email me or message me on FB and ask me about a specific date.   So whether in my jeans and cowboyhats  with bleached beard to look older 🙂  or clean shaven in a tux with a scarf, I hope to see you soon out there where live music lives in the hearts of folks like you and I and we just cant survive without it.



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