1981 Frankfurt GDR

COMING SOON:  A Vintage Billy Joel Tribute…

Back in ’79 I was reading my bi-annual “Rootbeer Rag” newspaper from Billy Joel.  He was talking about his move from NY to CA and how he changed his name and began playing piano bars to run away from his NY “problem”.  This adversity created the piano man album and Billy spoke of how it changed his concept of playing piano and writing.
I quit my band that year and decided to go solo.  First to Alaska where only gold miners and hookers would hear me, and then to Germany to begin forcing myself to play out of the “American Songbook”.

Now some 30 years later the live trend has moved to tribute bands across the country.
So since I did most of these tunes in the day,  I’ll be redoing some classics now in a one hour review.  First alone on the piano in smaller venues,  and then with a larger band when I feel that the space needs a band.

Stay tuned as I book my first few shows this spring.


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