Well, NYE was my first show in the beauty of Green Valley AZ at Quail Creek this year.
Snow storms, Frozen Driver Window falling down and driving thru Kansas suited up like I was on an Arctic Cat, Tumbleweed invasion in NM with gale force winds, and a line of cars n trucks from the Midwest for 1625 miles chasing each other south to Mecca with mainly Packer or Viking stickers on them.

The NYE package diners of a few hundred last night were fantastic. Listening like professionals, dropping forks to politely applaud and come up and request and tip and say very kind things about the show. And back at the long bar it was full of residents telling and making bets with the bartenders that I wasn’t playing, and I was lip syncing. Some things never change. When a stool is not facing you, it tends to question everything :). So many new friends in one evening along with my old friends from G.V. Thanks to all. Jane and I feel blessed to be able to come here in the winters and begin to bring the American Songbook into the land of Mexican, Country and acoustic guitar slinging solo cats.

I look forward to seeing many more of you this winter. Stay tuned to my events page and send me a request if you’re coming out:)


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