To everything, there is a season. 2019/2020 brought the world to a standstill. Friends and family had babies, and lost babies to weddings:) Our music/arts community; which lives in the lower middle class at best, was decimated. And we through it, had to remember that in the end, we follow our hearts and souls more than our brains on this journey. Out happiness or sadness is less a result of money and more a result of feeling not creative.

And no doubt the Gov. money put out for independent contractors (musicians) was a lifesaver for so many thru this time of crisis. We’ll all be paying it back much longer than we the time it took to spend it. And so it goes.

Now the Twin Cities where we live lost some wonderful musicians this last year of COV. I’ll not name them all here. The only one I will was a friend since we met in ’77. I was always a fan of his guitar and bass work, his crazy hair transformations, love of Heineken and Jesus. I wrote a long post on my personal FB page after his passing if you care to go back and find it.
Billy was one of a kind. A rare MIST. (musical intuitive sensitive tornado)

Of all the photos of Bill playing with me over the years, this one from last summer is my favorite. He’s swinging his Wes Montgomery octave grooves with the band and this baby crawls out to just listen and watch him. Like a good grandpa, and without missing a note, he strolls out to interact with this little girl while soloing. Loving everyone, hating no one. That was Billys M.O. in public. Musically? I’ve coined this phrase, learning from Billy on bass. “If you’re not sure of the change coming, wait and anticipate the 2. They’ll think you got stank.

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And now, we begin a new season. Joe Elliott has taken Billy’s chair. For me, Joe is the most solid all-around guitar player you’ll find. As a man, a dad, an adventurer, a thinker, and a ridiculous guitar player I’m thrilled to have him along till the harvest.

Beginning June 18, you can find the boys and I in the vineyards of Sovereign Estate, on the banks of Lake Waconia. Every Friday till October. Opens at 5. music at 6-9PM.

There will be subs, it will be fun:)

Craig T: Vocals and Piano
Timmy Z: Drums and “Z vibe”
Matt Mcintyre: Upright. (Also plays guitar for the Vintage Billy Shows)
Joe Elliott: Elec.
Jordan Hedlund. (Keyboards/Organ) (Also plays bass for Vintage Billy Shows)

What i love about developing this venue’s music for the last few years is this:

  1. All music is meant to be “chill”.
  2. The music must pair with the incredible views, and I choose standards, latin and great writers.
  3. All guests should be able to talk without yelling.
  4. I want guests to leave feeling like they had a soulful experience of nature, music, wine and friends. I call that a spiritual experience 🙂

Now if you’ve been with me for the last few seasons, you know I love the Tony Bennett stuff. He picks the best tunes. Well since I’m starting a new Tony Bennett / Diana Krall tribute this year, I’m dropping all the Tony songs that are in that show. So… that means more room for new stuff. Can i find any folk, pop & country tunes that have musical structure that will fit the smooth Jazz/latin laid back vibe we’ve created? Well, I may drop them all in a week of two, but I’m adding some of my old tunes. Christopher Cross, Michael Franks, Boz Scaggs, John Denver, Donald Fagen, Gino Vannelli, Glen Campbell, Michael Martin Murphy, James Taylor and some more jazz standard classics..

Reservations only for this unique setting can be gotten now online. Pick a few Fridays when you go get reservations. Invite different friends to come relax and get caught up on life.

I only take one 30min. break and try to say hello to every table. I look forward to seeing your smiles and laughter, wine and friends.


Craig T.

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