Girl From Impanema

I am in the midst of finishing two sets of Antonio Carlos Jobim for the 2020 season and beyond. In my nearly 40 years of entertaining, I’ve learned a couple things.  In a listening environment, you can play anything.  In a public setting, you are constrained to find out what works best for each venue. For bands that have 50 song setlists, It’s “love us or hate us”.  For the happy hour, corporate, patio, hotels and restaurants, it’s tricky.  Finding music that can be both listened to, and or be in the background during conversations without drowning out the clients’ conversations is quite a dance. I believe the music of Jobim and light Latin jazz fits this place perfectly unless it’s a happy hour at a Harley Convention.
I’m excited to bring this music to my clients this year on a new music rig I’m developing that is very user-friendly and sounds amazing in my solo shows.

On this first tune here I’m just playing left hand bass and using a TC Helicon Voice Live 2 Touch on an octave switch live for the signature voice doubling.  Using Ableton I’ll be able to loop any sections of the songs to play them out in any form. Mute any instruments for other players and so on. A few hundred more hours and I’ll have some of this figured out. What i love is the ability to change. To do 5part harmony live / realtime via midi at any time, or to have it in a stem to call up if I choose. Well, and then there’s looping live on the harmonizer or on a guitar looper If I want to get crazy. Naa. Ableton is bad enough and the new Keylab 88 by Arturia is quite a controller. Hope you enjoy the track. Go back to Facebook and leave me a comment. Well, any comment except “you suck” , please 🙂

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