Young and Foolish

I first heard this tune decades ago when I purchased the Tony Bennett Bill Evans record. The lyrics haunted me as a 30 yr old. I thought of my grandparents as I’d sit up late spinning this disk.

And now, through the years of entertaining folk, pop, country, and gospel, I had never dreamt of playing or singing these American Standards I loved in private.   There was never a real viable market for these tunes in the dance club days unless you just wanted to play a piano bar, sip Cognac or play a jazz club after your day job.  Well, playing dance clubs just don’t interest me any longer.  I’m loving doing the Billy Joel intimate “one man” Tribute and have decided this style would be the “other” style I play out unless it’s an original showcase.

Hope you enjoy this  Albert Hague and  Arnold B. Horwitt classic. This was my first rundown of the chart I had just finished. (Make a few changes, play it 50 more times and I’ll be ready to go:)

And, no, I’m still feeling young and foolish at heart. Ask my bride:)

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