Artist info on Craig T. Olson

8 year running blog at
(Faith, Fly Fishing, Music: Pop and Worship, Cooking, Food Reviews, Politics, Montana, Paris, Italy )

One of Craig T’s. YouTube Channels  (Original Pop, Jazz,Folk, Worship, Shows, Road Worship, Demos, Praise2Worship Video’s.

Another You Tube Channel with other tunes. 

Mylinks_facebook Not his personal FB page, but his artist page. If you find his personal page, please try to friend him there if you know him.

Mylinks_tunepak  ReverbNation holds more info. and free stuff on this artist than anyone. Including his music calendar.  If you are Android, you can download his Android app for everything free.  Demos you can’t hear anywhere else.
If you are looking for downloads or disc’s…

Purchase “Confessions of a Worshipper”

Download “Confessions of a Worshipper” on I-Tunes.

Download the Country Album “Only Time Will Tell” on I-Tunes

Purchase “Reign Down” DVD or CD.

If you have been listening to recordings of Craig with a trumpet player, that is called “Duo Amoré” with trumpet player Jeff Carver.  Here is one of Craigs tunes he added Jeff to.



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